Magewell products absolutely stunning in the performance!

Magewell USB and Pro Capture Cards for LED Screen Professionals!

Undoubtedly, Magewell USB and Pro capture cards are exceptional in performance! Although there are other brands, we reckon Magewell USB and Pro Capture cards for the LED Screen professionals can reap many rewards. 

Magewell USB Capture Cards

Indeed, several benefits can stem from opting for these cards. Perhaps, the most significant reasons are low latency, multiple capture streams, and maximum frame rate. In addition, Magewell USB capture cards, mainly Magewell USB Capture HDMI 4K Plus - Part no. 32090, are in significant demand by LED screen professionals and Media Server Specialists. 

Despite these, on the other hand, Magewell Pro Capture Quad HDMI, Magewell Pro Capture Dual 4K Plus LT, and Magewell Pro convert HDMI 4K Plus are vital. In comparison with other brands, these cards are proven to be absolutely imperative for live events. However, we have been consistently supporting LED Screen professionals worldwide by offering versatile solutions integrated with LED walls and LED displays for rental and fixed installations. 

We are here to provide you with the solutions and big discounts on the products that we offer!

Professional clients from LED Screen rentals, LED walls on rent, LED screens, Fine pitch led, and small pitch led screens to prefer to use these amazing products!


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