Perfectcue dsan
This can be a key product for the events, led screen rental partners, or rental led display rentals 

Perfect Cue Mini


With the advancement of technology, the modern arrangements for these events have changed dramatically. As a result of the proliferation of communication tools like the Cue light clicker, Super Cue, has come up with magnificent features which allow the presenter more flexibility and ease of access during the presentation.
From the presenter's perspective, the benefits abound. Chief among these is the ability to balance the content and time. Undoubtedly, there is ample time for clear explanations and accuracy in the delivery of the speech. In addition, this device covers up to 400 meters distance which is incredible.
Perfect cue dsan
Perfectcue system enables a speaker to remotely control presentations or control two laptops. Cue light has dual programmable USB ports. Certainly, this audio and visual cueing system is of paramount importance in live conferences. 
The range of the transmitter to cue light is 400 meters
Led screen rental companies, Audiovisual companies can reap the rewards in terms of flexibility and quality of PPT Switching between laptops.
Super Cue
Super Cue System ( Advanced Version of Perfect Cue Mini )
Supercue series is a super smart version of the perfect cue which comes with a timer function and an additional HDMI port that allows the speaker more flexibility.
The major features of this advanced Cue light clicker is 
  • Can control up to six laptops ( Versatile content )
  • Touch screen functionality which allows more ease of access 
  • Range of transmitters up to 500 meters which is absolutely an asset for the big conferences
  • Two rechargeable remotes ( Type C ports )
  • Easier cascading and automated slide-changing setup
These devices can be potentially valuable for the event industry. We are coming with more innovative products for the led screen rental partners and vendors.
Inevitably, Perfect Cue or PerfectCue mini is an asset!!!
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