VDwall 4k Processor LVP609

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VD Wall 4k Processor LVP609

4K2K@60HZ LED Video Processor4K2K ultra-HD video processing, single port HDMI or DP can receive 4K2K ultraHD video signal.

Technical Specifications:

  • Faroudja® Real Color® Real Color Image Processing,10+ Bit Faroudja® DCDIDe-interlacing Processing,Faroudja® TureLife™Augmented Video and Image
  • Advanced interlacing Processing Technology for mobile images smear ghost and jag in the mobile images can be removed.
  • Fast processing for ultra 4K2K@60Hz HD images via hardware
  • Real Pole-definition video processor. Single HDMI port can receive 4k2k@60Hz pole-definition signal. After sync processed in processor, It would output 4*1920x1080_60Hz windows showed on the 4K2K_60Hz screen pixel to pixel. Or any interception, steeples zoom in and zoom out for any LED screens with any resolution. There is no need for complicated software setup.
  • It supports fully spare, and it offers a safe and steady solution for high-reliability-backup
  • Outputs Ultra HD+HD+SD、Analog+Digital,among which:0(4K2K@60Hz)x 2,DP x 1,CVBS x 1, VGA x 1, DVI x 1, SDI / HD-SDI x 1,Seamless Switching, Fade-in / Fade-out between any inputs.
  • Outputs:8*DVI HD outputs. Each output port can reach 1920*1080_60Hz
  • Sync monitoring 4K2K@60Hz windows on 1080p display
  • One key to any of the preset modes and any mode of the seamless switching, Fade-in / Fade-out can be freely called
  • It is easy and convenient to set up by the front panel or RS232/USB/LAN interface.

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