Linsn TS952D LED Sending Box

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LINSN TS952 LED Sending Box, LINSN 4K LED Sender Box full color LED display controller with four Ethernet interface video output.

LINSN TS952 plus LED Sending Box can load up to 2.6 million pixels, supporting connecting with photosensitive probe for brightness adjustment and multiple cascading.

Technical Specifications:

  • Support readback of configuration files; 
  • Support storing 8 sets of configuration files; 
  • Support automatic screen broadcasting;
  • Connect screen and sending parameters automatically when changing receiving cards; 
  • Unlimited cascading; unified adjustment of brightness;
  • LCD panel with knobs start the screen by only one touch, no need for computers;
  • Supporting connecting with photosensitive probe for brightness adjustment.

Download the technical specification sheet here - LINK

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