Magnimage LED-W4000 Series - 8K*2K Video Processor

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LED-W4000 series is an 8K x 2K video processor which integrates multiple functions such as mosaic, switcher and multi-window display. This processor integrates various professional input ports, single input support maximum 4Kx2K/60Hz or 8Kx1K/60Hz. Because of the high-quality images, pixel display of giant resolution and flexible operation ways, it’s widely used in exhibitions, business conferences, stage performances, theatres and TV stations etc. The load capacity of LED-W4000 series is several times of normal video processor, support EDID management and customized output resolution, single processor output can be maximum 8192-pixel width, refresh rate up to 120Hz, greatly improved the utilization of load capability. It also provides various regular output resolution options for scaling according to real size of LED screen. Perfect video inputs ports, including SDIx1, DVIx4, HDMIx3, DPx4, and it also allows you to expand 2 more DP1.2/HDMI2.0 inputs. It supports internet and RS232 control to link with various video equipment.

Technical Specifications:

  • 8K x 2K mosaic outputs: W4000 has two output modes: DVI output and HDMI output. The outputs are divided into two groups, each group including 4 DVI and 2 HDMI 2.0
  • Multiple input ports: DVI-D (4K×1K/60Hz), DP1.1, HDMI1.4, SDI (3G-SDI)
  • Two expanded input ports: DP1.2 (4K×2K/60Hz or 8K×1K/60Hz) and HDMI 2.0
  • Different working modes are available: Mosaic mode, HDMI Switcher mode, Backup mode
  • Mosaic mode: 8K×2K/60Hz input and output pixel-to-pixel display
  • HDMI Switcher mode: 4K preview/switch, seamless switching between 3 layers and 3 layers
  • Backup mode: input signal hot backup or manual backup and seamless switching between input signal or tile input
  • Multi-machine cascading mosaic synchronously, and take seamless switching
  • HDR 10
  • 10 BIT processing
  • 4 & 2.2 compliant
  • Touched screen operation
  • Supports saving & loading of maximum 20 presets, and time tasks Supports setting of brightness, Gamma, contrast, saturation, color temperature etc., low light level and high gray level
  • Built-in test pattern
  • Supports pixel point acquisition, real-time display of RGB values of pixels at any position in the output window
  • Supports PC software control, network port and RS232 connection
  • Supports LOGO, chroma key function
  • Supports USB upgrade

 Download the technical specification sheet here - LINK

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